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Sustainability-related Disclosures

Feb 02, 2022

As a financial market participant, Infinity Recycling acknowledges the importance of considering the adverse impacts of its investment decisions on sustainability factors such as climate change. Infinity Recycling will soon publish in this section information on its policies on the integration of sustainability risks in its investment decision-making process, including

(i) a specific statement on the monitoring of the Principal Adverse Sustainability Impacts defined in the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), (ii) a reference to Infinity Recycling's adherence to responsible business conduct codes and internationally recognised standards for due diligence and reporting and, where relevant, the degree of Infinity Recycling's alignment with the objectives of the Paris Agreement; and (iii) information on how Infinity Recycling's remuneration policies are consistent with the sustainability risks integration mentioned on item (i).

Infinity Recycling aims to manage funds that have sustainable investment as its objectives. Once setup, every fund will have a separate section in this website where Infinity Recycling will disclose (i) a description of the sustainable investment objective and investment strategy; (ii) information on the methodologies used to assess, measure and monitor the impact of the sustainable investments selected for the funds, including its data sources, screening criteria for the underlying assets and the relevant sustainability indicators used to measure the overall sustainable impact of the fund; (iii) information on due diligence conducted to select the fund's investments, including the do-no significant-harm and PASI assessment of the investments; and (iv) information on the percentage of sustainable investments on the fund's portfolio and its alignment with the EU Taxonomy.


Infinity Recycling creates markets for end of life waste streams by investing in advanced recycling technologies and connecting the value chain.

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